Surge protection is a must have here in the Territory. The more electronic equipment you purchase, and the more sophisticated it is, the more you risk damage to or complete loss of that equipment should a major electrical surge suddenly hit your home.

A power surge is a sudden and rapid increase in voltage.  There are a number of causes, chief among them are lighting, power restoration after an outage, even turning certain appliances on and off.

Most power surge causes no harm and are common occurrences, lasting only millionths of a second.  It’s the big ones you need to worry about, when the amount of power that runs through your electrical wires exceeds their voltage capacity.

Power Surges Can Damage or Destroy Your Electronic EquipmentPower Surge banner

Let’s say lighting does strike, creating a surge of electricity that heads straight to your air conditioning system.  If the voltage exceeds your unit’s operating capacity, the heat generated by the arc can damage its electrical components, including the circuit board.  That in turn would lead to a major repair if not total system replacement.

Even smaller but more frequent power surges can bring about equipment damage over a longer period of time.  If and when that “one surge too many” occurs, it would have the same devastating impact as a single larger surge.

Whole-House Surge Protection in Darwin

Using power strips with built-in surge protection throughout your home is a great idea to help prevent power surges and electrical fires.  Power strips can handle all the minor power surges, but their capacity only goes so far.

That’s why you should consider a whole-house surge protector.  There are two basic types:  one that combines electrical, phone, and cable surge protection all in one unit.  Other power surge devices are designed for one such use at a time.

The point is, electronic equipment, including your home air conditioning system and appliances, continue to grow in sophistication, abundance, and cost.  You can easily and affordably protect that investment with a whole-house power surge protector, fully installed by Dunwrights Electrical.

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