dunwirghts lounge area with new media wiring

Smart Wiring

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With Smart Wiring, a certified electrician can combine many different types of wiring into a single, automated platform.  One that also allows for future expansion without the need to re-start the wiring process or, once again, knock holes in your walls, ceilings, floors, and so on.

A Smart Wiring system for your home or business can include:dunwirghts lounge area with new media wiring

  • Phone & fax lines
  • Cable TV
  • Audio cables
  • Internet cables and connectors
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Lighting
  • Security systems
  • And more

One way to save money is to tell your certified Smart Wiring electrician what you want your package to include now, and what you’re at least considering down the road.  If, for example, a home entertainment system is on your wish list, the necessary wiring can be included in your initial package to prevent added expense and mess later on.

At Dunwrights Electrical, we’re often asked if wireless service can provide at least some of the benefits as does Smart Wiring.  The simple answer is “no.”  Here’s why.  Today’s homes and businesses require greater and greater internet speeds to maintain full productivity and entertainment value.  Wireless service is not up to the task, especially when you’re running multiple applications at the same time.

Even high definition video, surround sound, and gaming applications require more speed compared to earlier product generations.  And your wireless service simply can’t keep up.

Smart Wiring systems, by comparison, allow an unlimited number of reconfigurations as your needs change and technology evolves.  And for home owners in particular, that means greater resale value.

To learn more about how Smart Wiring can help you or your business, contact the certified Smart Wiring professionals at Dunwrights Electrical today.  And remember to ask for a free quote.

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