Life in Darwin without automatic gates, especially solar powered sliding automatic gates, would be misery.

Most often your automatic gate opener/sliding gate fails when you need it most. Automatic gates are often taken for granted and it’s worth doing annual maintenance on any solar powered or hard wired gate motor whether it’s remote operated or not.

Here’s why

Just think back to 7.45AM on a Tuesday and you’re late for work in the middle of the wet season. You can see your automatic sliding gates in front of you, through the rain bouncing off the windscreen of the car..

It’s the second time this week, with screaming kids in the back seat late for school also.

As the skies above open  and a deluge of water falls from above,  you press that remote control gate opener only to hear unsatisfying half beep and the automatic gate doesn’t move a bit.

Shower fully clothed or get an electric swing gate opener or automatic sliding gates

Most people who choose Dunwrights Electrical to install their automatic sliding gate opener blame Darwin weather for their decision.

‘I may as well showered fully clothed’, is a pretty common story that pushes people to take the next step to the ease and DRY comfort of using a remote control to slide open their gates from the car.

There are many ways we can help you lift your quality of life with electric sliding gates:

  • We can make automatic sliding gates fit your entry or exit space whether that means a 4m rail or an 8m rail. Because we’re local and experienced, we know what electric motors to choose to suit the size and weight of your gate. Motor size and type also is dependant on the number of opening cycles required and the amount of use.
  • We choose time and field tested components that are heavy duty and of sound construction because we know what weather conditions your gates will face in the Northern Territory
  • Our solar powered and battery backup models mean there’ll be no failures from storms or surges so with Dunwrights you will have an operational gate, even when there is a black out due to the upsized solar panel and backup batteries in the kit.
  • You will benefit from our know how by ignoring what batteries might be fine down south and actually installing batteries that suit the Top End if you install a solar powered sliding gate kit.
  • You can opt to add electric gate locks (electronic locking for 240V systems or mechanical locks for solar/battery combinations) that come with force ratings of up to 2 tonnes. This is possible for swing gates also whether single swing or double swing and does not depend on gate weight.
  • Choose options with keypads and beam detectors as well as auto close for extra safety features and security.

Choose a local expert to install your electric sliding gates or get caught in the rain this wet season

We do often rant about the cowboys who ride through Darwin doing shoddy electrical work, leaving us established, local businesses to clean up the mess when the boom is over.

So our plea to you is to avoid the pain and choose our ‘local know how’ from the start. Skip on the fly by nighter with online purchased  no warranty automatic gate opener kits.

For example, not only can we custom-engineer a solar powered sliding gates system with battery backup and motor, we can design the whole set up to get the most of the sun for you home, office or apartment building. Not long ago we completed the largest solar powered gate entry and exit system for a large complex of 86 townhouses, approximately 160 cars and the solar powered sliding gate motors that powered the driveway gates were opening and closing hundreds of times a day!

On Google+ recently, customer Trent Robertson left us a five star review for our installation on an apartment block, saying, ‘Used Dunwrights for the installation of a solar powered electric gate at a unit complex. Very happy with the result, great communication would highly recommend.’

A further benefit of choosing Dunwrights for your gate opener system is that our motors come with double the warranty of our competition, 2 years instead of one.

And in most locations, we also give a complimentary tune up in 12 months.

So forget raincoats in the wet season because with Dunwrights Electrical in Darwin, your life will become all sun showers and rainbows with the right automatic sliding or swing gates, done right!

Some questions to think about before purchasing a sliding or swing gate motor

How does an electric gate work?

An electric gate motor is operated through a number of ways. A remote control, a swipe card or fob system, even a vehicle sensor whether that be a loop detector or a hardwired controller inside the car. Gate motors and roller doors can also be operated via intercom or even your smart phone. Whether 240 volt system or 24V DC they all run in a similar manner.

What is the benefit of an automatic swing gate over a sliding gate opener?

If you already have a sliding gate system then a solar sliding or 240 volt sliding gate is worth continuing on with. They take up less room when opening and closing and are safer when it comes to beam location. It will also be quite a lot cheaper in some ways. Again this depends on location of property.

A swing gate is less expensive in some ways and more in others. Two gates need to be fabricated rather than one which involves more material and labour. Two motors are required to be installed and the cabling between the two. at the opposite end when converting from swing gates to electric sliding gates concrete and clearing is expensive also.

Can I use my smart phone to open my remote control automatic gate operator?


What is the best sliding gate operator?

This depends on location, cost and expectation. Different brands have different features, pros and cons. We stick with a couple of brands that we know well and that have respectable warranty. I would say the best would be the one that does everything you want it to do and works for a long time.
Automatic gate opener reviews are worth doing for peace of mind, though we have done that hard work for you which is why we supply what we believe is the best kit on the market.

Which company is the best for an automatic gate opener?

You might expect us to say Dunwrights Air & Electrical, and there’s a reason for that. We have the experience and we take the care to get gate motors done right, no matter whether you’ve chosen and automatic gate opener that’s solar or uses 240 volts. You will need a licensed Palmerston or Darwin Electrician for a compliant installation, and that’s what we’re here for. Failing that, just do a search for Automatic Gate Installers Near Me.
This depends on the gate motor, motor cost and installation type as well as the settings on the unit. In most cases the speed of an automatic gate motor can be from half a metre per second to a full metre per second.

Why does my automatic gate open after closing? How can I fix it?

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns about your existing or new installation please give us a call or drop us an email.

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