When it rains, it pours in Darwin, so it's crucial to keep your ATA gate motors working reliabiy and efficiently.

Trust our expert team at Dunwrights Air & Electrical  to repair, service, or even replace your automatic electric and solar gate motors.

Automatic Technology Australia ATA makes a solid range of automatic gate motors for sliding gates and swing gates, with many accessories like remote control units and the ability to control your gates with your mobile phone.

We’re already helped many residents and offices in Darwin and Palmerston upgrade or install ATA gate motors, and we’re ready to help you, too.

Our team of electricians are skilled in repairing and replacing any ATA model of automatic swing gate and electric sliding gate systems, including  NES-24v1 NeoSlider™, SGO-1v4 Elite®, NES-24v1 Dual NeoSlider™, DCB-05 Control System, NEOSLIDER ™500, NEOSLIDER ™800, and many more.

Servicing all areas of Darwin and surrounding areas including the Palmerston, Berrimah, Casuarina, Cullen BayNightcliff, Larrakeyah, and Howard Springs.

How's the serenity of a quiet, ATA Automatic Technology gate motor in action in Darwin

How’s this? A quiet, solid gate motor in action.

You hear a few birds and the passing traffic; but not much from the gate because the gate motor has been installed by Dunwrights Air & Electrical in Darwin.

We service, repair, and install ATA Automatic Technology gate motors for swing gates and sliding gates, and can help with all accessories like remote control units that give you control via your mobile phone.

We repair your existing ATA Automatic Technology solar & 240V automatic gate motors

As trusted repairers of Automatic Technology gate motors and accessories, you can rely on us to repair your 240v or solar gate motor when it’s possible, or give you some expert guidance on a replacement model.

It pays to our experienced electricians at Dunwrights Air & Electrical because we’re Darwin’s experienced team and we can advise you on whether the best choice is repair or replacement.

Sometimes it’s just not economical to replace automatic gate motors, due to their age and condition, especially when parts have become hard to come by.

Of course, we take great pride in being able to help you get a good, long life from your gate opener motors, which is why we offer gate motor maintenance and service throughout Darwin, Palmerston and surrounds.

Can you repair any model or type ATA Automatic Technology gate opener?

Yes! The Dunwrights Air & Electrical team of highly trained and experienced electricians have not only worked with a variety of models, we’ve been doing this work in Darwin conditions for many years, so we know what the common problems are that can affect automatic gate motors other than just wear and tear.

We are happy to chat with you about your needs, including talking to you about the new advances in the ATA range. In particular, the various remote control units and mobile apps are very popular in Darwin, and we can help you make the right choice.

Optional accessories for ATA Automatic Technology gate motors - just ask Dunwrights Air & Electrical Darwin

Battery Backup

In the event of power failure, you can rely on your gate providing the security and convenience of automation. This smart item also features a self protection system to prevent damaging total discharge of the battery.

Wired PE Beams

Protect your family and your car with the PE Safety Beams. As soon as an object or person moves through the invisible safety beam the door will stop or reverse to avert serious damage being done.

TrioCode™ Keyring Transmitters

Each of these transmitter’s four buttons can operate a separate function or opener, allowing access your whole home from one convenient unit. Best of all, TrioCode™ technology ensures this transmitter works every time.

TrioCode™ Water Resistant Transmitters

Featuring all the benefits of TrioCode™ technology, this sleek unit is also splash resistant. Being caught out in a sudden rain shower or being splashed by the garden hose is no longer a concern!

TrioCode™ Wireless Keypad

The weatherproof wireless keypad allows access without a transmitter. With back lit numbers for day or night use, multiple users can have unique codes for specific door and gate access.

TrioCode™ Stand-Alone Receiver

The versatile Stand-Alone Receiver allows non-TrioCode™ devices to be controlled with the spare buttons on your transmitter. It can connect to other brands of door or gate opener, alarm systems or even garden lights. It removes the need for multiple remote types.

What are the most common problems found with existing automatic gates?

In Darwin, there are a few extra challenges that impact automatic gate motors, like our regular heavy rains and lightning storms.

Here’s a link to our list of Frequently Asked Questions About Gate Motors (look at the bottom of the page), but let’s recap some of the most relevant ones that we get asked about.

The direct impact of weather conditions impacting our electricity supplies is power surges. If your electric, 240v gate motor hasn’t had surge protection installed by Dunwrights Air & Electrical, power surges can “fry” your automatic gate’s PCB or circuit boards. They’re not cheap to replace.

Another cause for concern is moisture or water, which is why we always check the seals on automatic gate motor installations, when carrying out repairs and maintence or, of course, during installation.

Sometimes, the person who installed your ATA gate motor, has rushed the commissioning process and not “taught” the system to the correct position or length of the track (for sliding gates) or the swing distance (for swinging gates). Left unchecked, this can speed up wear, tear, and damage.

And, of course, these issues also impact 24V solar DC automatic gate systems, and our team will make sure your solar system is working well.

Enjoy many years of hassle free protection from unwanted intruders and keep your family secure with our tailored solutions.

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