Dunwrights Hot Water Heater System Repairs and Maintenance

We all take for granted just how much we need and use Hot Water within the home without ever thinking we’ll need hot water heater repairs. Whether its a solar water heater system that heats the water day in and day out with solar collectors or a run of the mill standard electric HWS.  So many of us leave it until our hot water disappears completely or something goes wrong with the hot water thermostat (temperature control) or water heater element before we arrange hot water heater repairs.

If your hot water heater is not lasting as long as your morning shower or takes forever you might want to think about repair and replacement.That’s where Dunwrights Air & Electrical Electrical can help. If your systems element has failed or the thermostat is leaving you with cold water give Dunwrights a call to assist with hot water heater repairs Palmerston or beyond.

These are the sure signs of problems

  • No Hot Water – Cause: The  hot water element may have failed and needs replacing.
  • No Hot Water  – Cause: The thermostat may have shorted and needs replacing.
  •  Inability to turn on due to Power ‘tripping’ when the hot water system is turned on.

Don’t delay in calling Dunwrights Air & Electrcial to inspect your Hot Water Heater for repair this dry season…..

We’ll check the thermostat and heating settings to ensure your hot water heater system is running to its full capacity and not overloading your electricity bill by running when not required. Because water conducts electricity, water pooling around the base of your water heater storage tank is potentially dangerous which we can advise of during the booking. We can also install timers to raise your energy savings and lower costs as well if you don’t have a solar hot water system.

As soon as there are any hot water repairs needed on your system, you’ll need to call a Licensed Electrician; all electrical work and fault servicing legally must be a undertaken by a licensed electrician. Whilst licensed plumbers can repair some types of the electrical component of a hot water system – the relevant licenses are needed.

If you are weighing up the options of repairs and replacements on a hot water system due to cost, it’s also worth an assessment on energy efficiency and life expectancy on the unit. If needed we can recommend a choice of 3 top quality local Darwin licensed plumbers to advise you.

When it comes to your hot water it’s not just efficiency and energy savings that need to be considered – its the type of water heater required. Depending on the application an Instantaneous hot water heater (continuous flow) may be required or a heat pump water heater.

For reference – Some different types of hot water systems include:

Tankless continuous flow gas hot water

These systems are becoming more popular due to energy savings. Hot water is created when the pressure sensor engages the gas burners which in turn heat up the water pipe which is set around a heat exchanger. Cold water comes in from the bottom and hot water piped in a continuous flow from the top (heat rises).

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Heaters

These small hot water systems are compact and installed in localised areas of a house. Interestingly, instant water heaters are not energy efficient, yet expensive – especially if there are a number of them in the one premises. On average hot water can use up to 25% of the electricity costs so this type of emergency hot water heater is rarely seen in households. We don’t recommend this type of hot water system for energy efficiency reasons.

Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

Very efficient in comparison to storage water heaters. Heat pumps work better in a warmer climate. A heat pump hot water system works in a similar fashion as a reverse cycle air-conditioner or a refrigerator cooling system but without the programmable thermostats.

Refrigerant is pushed as a liquid into an evaporator coil which soaks up heat from the air turning the refrigerant into a gas. This then runs through a compressor which increases temperature. From the compressor the heated gas moves into the condenser coil where transfers the heat to the water turning back into a liquid with the operation of an expansion valve which in turn heats the hot water cylinder.

Solar Hot Water System

A solar heater – whether evacuated tube solar hot water or flat plate systems these are a fantastic way to save money and the environment from the moment you install one (do weigh up the cost of a whole house solar system and the cost of a solar hot water alone first) Evacuated tube collectors are pipes that are linked to a header manifold.  The flat plate system well better in full sun though Evacuated tube work well in colder climate or a shady day due to far greater efficiency levels.

Electric storage hot water

This type of hot water system is a cheaper alternative. Life expectancy of this type of system is around 10 years,  sometimes longer. Electric storage type are easy to repair and all good electricians should carry spare parts to suit most hot water heater repairs. Not very energy efficient so it’s best to use a hot water timer or just switch it off when not in use.

The electric storage hot water heater takes around 15 minutes to heat up and draws a whopping 16 AMPS when in use. For some homework – turn on the oven and the hot water system at the same time and watch your electrical meter spin off its axis.

Gas Storage Hot Water System

The gas storage hot water heater is an efficient choice of storage hot water system. Using a pilot light to ignite gas boosters when temperature control requires heat, almost like a room thermostat controlled by convection. As with all storage types the hot water pumps in from the bottom and hot water is piped out from the top. A gas fitter is required for any hot water system repairs on this unit.

These electric hot water systems last around 10 years give or take. This type of system is a good option though more popular in the Southern States generally.

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