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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are an affordable, easy to install part of the Darwin lifestyle for keeping the heat out of your home, outdoor living area or office!

The type of fan you need and the location of your new ceiling fan should be thought about well in advance. Where are you planning to install the fan and what is the ceiling height? Ceiling fans are not able to be installed with the blades lower than 2100mm as per Australian Standards. We think this is a little low still for 2 reasons.

A) The air flow will be reduced and not as easily felt when the fan is lower due to the uneven spread of air.
B) The fan is still well within possible touch limits from people around the 6ft mark and hands can get caught in the blades.

Kitchen ceiling fans with lights are not recommended for most kitchens. This is because of the spread of light and the shadowing effect. A lot of your kitchen is a work space and when it comes to a work environment you need adequate lighting. Whether that’s a class room, a fabrications workshop or a 5 star chefs kitchen.

Here’s why we’re fans of ceiling fans in Darwin

Real warranties

If you check with us first, we’ll guide you to better ceiling fans with real warranties that cheaper fans lack.

Better blades

We understand the engineering differences between fans such as how better designed blades lead to more airflow.

Aust standards

As professional electricians, we understand the Australian standards and will install your fans correctly.

Quality Pays Off

Talk to us before you buy your next Ceiling Fan in Darwin

Ceiling Fans with well designed blades allow a good circulating flow of air.  Our basic model cheap stainless fans have 304 stainless blades, the body, shaft and motor are electroplated which means that it won’t rust as easily and the finish will stay in good condition. The warranty extends for 3 years. If a problem does occur with the unit itself, you can contact the manufacturer (or us), they send out their electrician to either repair or replace it – at no cost to you.

Our up market ceiling fans have 5 and 6 year warranty with well designed blades and fan features not seen or available on standard traditional type fans. Remote controlled reversible motor and high air movement which is perfect for wet season and dry season. When you install the fan on your existing ceiling in a living room for instance, one of the benefits is the lack noise due to the engineered blade pitch which also helps with energy efficient requirements as it produces more air flow with less energy required.

Other benefits include an optional fan light kit. Most decent fans have an LED light which is usually recessed and a one piece LED component so no need to change the bulbs in your ceiling fan with light. One thing to note is that if your fan is remote controlled you will still need a wall switch in place of the wall controller. This is a requirement for Australian Standards and a safety reason.

Buying quality for just a few more dollars can save you many in the short and long term. Always look for quality service, quality materials and quality workmanship.

Beware: Cheap and Cheerful Ceiling Fans Won’t Last Long In Darwin

There are some great deals out there on new ceiling fans, and whilst they all blow air when working correctly (not unlike air conditioning) and the cheap ceiling fans look great.

Do some research yourself as these may cost you more money over the life of the investment.

By saving small change up front, the problems faced later involving ceiling fan repair or replacement won’t be worth the cost.

For example – the components of cheaper stainless steel ceiling fans often aren’t quality stainless steel and can rust quickly. They are usually 304 stainless or less – used in most exhaust systems of reasonable quality.

The difference between a cheaper option and a full 316L stainless steel outdoor ceiling fan is not just found in the price point but the warranty also.

Some Darwin Electricians are not overly fond of Bunnings or Arlec ceiling fans let alone ebay ceiling fans with lights!  Whilst Beacon Lighting ceiling fans have come a long way they are not a preferred option either for a lot of electricians.

This is not due to price or buying local – its about warranty. When it comes to warranty due to a faulty fan we have heard some horror stories. Some cheaper fans have a one year warranty. This warranty generally comes with limitations where as the best ceiling fans, especially the ceiling fan with light and remote options have a much more comprehensive warranty.

Usually any Warranty must be completed and submitted upon purchase and the owner takes on the cost of returning the fan to the distributor to assess when a problem occurs with some of the cheaper options (the high end ceiling fan manufacturers do this all for you)

That cost would then include:

  • The original installation of the ceiling fan.
  • The cost for an electrician to remove the fan prior to you, as the client returning the fan to the place of purchase.
  • Once a replacement has been organised the cost for an electrician to reinstall it.

A good warranty should mean that once you pay a tradesman to put the fan up in beginning, if something goes wrong you shouldn’t have to pay a tradesman again to take it down and replace it after issues occur. The warranty should cover all of those costs.

But wait, there’s more …

Dunwrights Air & Electrical can replace your ceiling fans in Darwin

Dunwrights Air & Electrical is happy to offer replacement ceiling fan sales and ceiling fan installation.

Our team of qualified electrician/service technicians in Darwin has installed hundreds of 3 blade ceiling fans, 4 blade ceiling fans, and even 5 and 8 blade ceiling fans over the years and can advise you of which is the right ceiling fan for your installation.

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