Ants On The March Across Top End Destroying Gate Motors, Air Conditioners, And Outside Appliances - Dunwrights Air & Electrical Darwin and Palmerston

I’m sure you’ll know that ants are on the march across the Top End but you might not realise that means taking precautions with electrical items like gate openers and air conditioners.

The early onset of Wet Season has spurred Northern Territory ants into action, and while the usual suspects include gate motors and air conditioners, they’re also attacking outdoor appliances, like washing machines and clothes dryers.

We’ve noticed the increased activity over the past two weeks, so we’ve issued a media release today to raise awareness.

Why do ants hate us so much?

Of course, they don’t hate us but they certainly don’t care about us being caught in a downpour when they’ve chewed through wiring in our gate motors and left us stranded.

What’s happening is that ants love the miniature, atmospheric paradise created inside electrical equipment due to low voltage wiring and the electromagnetic flux created by PC boards.

It attracts them.

The simplest thing you can do to avoid getting antsy over these critters, is to keep on top of ant deterrent inside and around electrical equipment.

We’ve been around long enough to know the damage these ants can do, which is why we always top up your ant deterrent in your gate motors, even if we’ve only been called out to program a couple of remotes.

They may be small but their bite is painful, whether it’s on our fingers or on your wiring!

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