The Northern Territory Government Home Improvement Scheme can help you pay for home renovations and electrical work

The Northern Territory Government Home Improvement Scheme is available for home owners and occupiers in Darwin and the NT and this is our guide to help you understand how you can claim your cash while getting quality work done.

The first thing to understand is this is not a straight out grant. For every dollar you spend on your reno, the NT Government will match with a dollar, up to a maximum of $2,000 excluding GST.

So our advice is to draw up a list of all the important jobs you’ve wanted to get done around the house and get them done now, while the government is willing to go halves with you.

The NT Home Improvement Scheme process in simple steps

Firstly, choose a quality, local tradie like Dunwrights Air and Electrical and ask us to quote on jobs that qualify as ‘minor improvements, repairs and upgrades’, such as fixing or replacing air conditioning, meter boxes and safety switches, water heaters, electric gates, etc.

Armed with a quote, you can then apply for a voucher from the government. You’ll need the quote and some proof that you’re the owner-occupier, such as a utilities bill.

Your voucher will cover about half the cost of the job, up to a maximum of $2,000 excluding GST.

Next you can work with your tradie to get the work done.

And finally, when the job is over, you pay us for our work; partly with the voucher and partly with your own money.

A perfect time to make your home safer and more valuable

This Home Improvement Scheme is to help stimulate the trade industry and support Northern Territory local small businesses.

We all win from this and we urge you to apply for a voucher, even if it is for a smaller project.

We work hard to apply professional standards in everything we do in our ongoing battle against cowboys and backyarders, and the Home Improvement Scheme is a positive sign from the government that a robust trade sector is important.

It’s time to get that dodgy air con replaced and see to that electrical work you’ve been putting off, because the Northern Territory Government has made $2,000 vouchers available for Territorians doing home renovations.



From 5 June 2016, if you are a Territory homeowner-occupier you can apply to receive a voucher of up to $2,000 towards minor improvements, repairs and upgrades to your home.

The voucher will be worth up to $2,000 excluding GST and can be used towards jobs of up to $20,000 excluding GST. You will still need to pay for at least half of the job. Up to 30% of the voucher value can be used towards goods and materials as part of the job.

So if the job is worth $1,000, you might be eligible for a voucher of up to $500 and must pay the remaining $500 yourself, plus GST. If the job is worth $5,000, you can get a voucher for a maximum of $2,000 and must pay the remaining $3,000 yourself, plus GST.

Examples of eligible small jobs might include electrical work, plumbing, tiling, roof repairs, landscaping or tree lopping, irrigation system upgrades, fencing, painting or plastering.

You must own a home in the Northern Territory and occupy that home to participate.

Make the most of the Home Improvement Scheme and use the Territory’s tradies and small businesses to make a big change to your home.

Go to the list of registered tradies and small businesses.

You will be able to apply for a voucher using this website from 5 June 2016.

For more details and information on eligibility and how you can get involved go to the Q&As and the detailed terms and conditions.

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