If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had to get an air-conditioning quotation for installation. Chances are those air-con quotes were vastly different.

At the end of the day most airconditioning split systems are white and all blow cold air when they are working. So what features do you really need ? There are a couple of ways to protect yourself from throwing away good money.

When it comes to installation of airconditioners you really need to ask yourself about the product you are being quoted on. As well as the installer.

There are some brands out there being sold off as gods gift to summer when they really are just a lower/middle-ground inicomparrison to some other less advertised flagship models.

Some aircon brands stop making parts after the warranty finishes for a couple of particular models of airconditioner. Costing you money when it breaks down and replacement costs.

For example one particular brand that is being seen all over town these days and many new homes is what you might call a builders grade airconditioner. How so ? Overseas support staff is one way. When do they stop making parts for wach model of airconditioner? 1 year after the warranty runs out ? 5 years ? 10 years ?

With our packages just for example, if you have a warranty issue, call us, we’ll attend and if it’s a manufacturers warranty complaint WE do the paperwork for you and get the ball rolling. Any other reputable company will also do the same. It saves you time, effort, lack of comfort with a faster turn around on parts and a company familiar with you and your installation.

Flare Jon on airconditioning installation in darwin
The bodgy flare – 18 months installed and no gas left in the system….

The price ? Is it the initial price that’s expensive ? Or the cost over the period of the installation. If you are going to take a punt on a fly by nighter – are they going to be around for an installers warranty? And with the costs of labour and materials, overheads – why is that quote so cheap and that quote a higher price ? Well, an initial higher price quite often means lower cost over install period anther way to look at it is – saving money from the moment of installation.


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