The Northern Territory Smart Energy Grant can help you pay for your charity or foundation renovations and electrical work
The Northern Territory Government immediate Work Grants can help you pay for your charity or foundation renovations and electrical work
Government is offering to help fund your job with its new Immediate Work Grants APPLY NOW

The Immediate Work Grants Scheme has been set up by the Northern Territory Government for Not for profit incorporated, communities organisations, groups and charities/foundations across the territory to both help local groups with funding for repairs, maintenance and extensions – from airconditioning and electrical work to roller doors and gates –  as well as help boost our struggling economy as it slips into the abyss.

A boost for territory business and your organisation!

If you are in Darwin or the Northern territory and a NFP or charity this is our quick guide to help you understand how you can claim your government grant while getting quality work done for your not for profit/incorporated organisation boosting your efficiency and the great work you do for the community.

There are terms and conditions of course as with all good things.

For example – You must own or rent the property and have permission to modify. Each job must be a minimum of $5000.  For in depth terms and conditions go to the official site – but on to the good bits.


The first thing to understand is …this is a multiple option grant.

It’s not a one off like the home improvement scheme grant. Any incorporated Not-for-profit organisations are able to have up to 10 jobs completed to a maximum value of $100,000! But wait, there’s more – The NT Government will also match you dollar for dollar on any renovation costs that exceed $100,000 –  up to a maximum of $200,000. Each individual job must be a minimum of $5000 for you to be elligible.

Works or ‘jobs’ must be, repairs, improvements and maintenance services that are not of a temporary nature. They also must tie in with the objectives and intent of the program and be value for money consistent with the organisation’s charitable or other purpose benefit to the community as a whole.

For new jobs or repairs up to $100,000 then 50% of the cost can go towards goods and materials. For example, if you are painting your building at a cost of $10,000, up to $5,000 of the grant can be used for the paint and other supplies. However, if you wanted to replace all of the appliances and furniture in your building at a cost of $50,000, this job wouldn’t be eligible because there is no labour component.

For jobs worth more than $100,000 up to 75% of the value of each grant can go towards goods and materials which is FANTASTIC for you as the end user.

So our advice is to draw up a list of all the important jobs you’ve wanted to get done around the house and get them done now, while the government is willing to go all out and give you the money or at least go halves with you on the bigger jobs.

Remember, this is BIG and the government has a limited pool of money, so fortune will favour the fastest NT not for profit applicants!


The NT IMMEDIATE WORK GRANTS process in simple steps

Firstly, choose a quality, local tradie like Dunwrights Air and Electrical or even Dunwrights Doors and Gates  and ask us to quote on jobs that qualify as ‘improvements, repairs and upgrades’, such as fixing or replacing air conditioning, meter boxes and safety switches, water heaters, electric gates, etc.

Armed with a quote, you can then apply for a voucher from the government. You’ll need the quote and some proof that you’re the owner-occupier.

To be eligible the tradesperson’s quote must include the following information:

  • business name
  • Australian Business Number
  • business contact person and contact details
  • quotation date
  • quotation expiry date
  • address of proposed works
  • name of applicant (eligible organisation)
  • description of works
  • total price (showing any GST component separately)
  • separately show the cost of goods / materials
  • an estimate of the start and completion dates of the eligible works
  • names and contact details of subcontractors used (if applicable)
  • payment terms and conditions.

Next, with your NT Immediate Work Grants application approved, you give us the green light to get going and get your job done.

And finally, when the job is over, you pay us for our work; partly with the NT Immediate Work Grants and if your job is over 200K partly with your own money.

More information can be found right here at the official website.

Win Win for Territory charity and community groups and business! Way to go NTG!


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