Why it pays to have energy efficient air conditioning in Darwin

There are many airconditioner brands available in Darwin and Palmerston, it’s hard to know at times what really is the best value for the end user. As with buying a new car, an airconditioner can be packed full of features and benefits as well, and some downsides too.

Realistically all airconditioners are of a similar colour, size, shape and when they are working…they blow cold air as well.

So what’s the difference ?

Well, that’s the bit we aim to nut out for you here…..

For example – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, We are a dealer and a service agent. When you buy an airconditioner you know there will be parts still being manufactured 10 years after the last of that particular model is sold out and well after a new model is introduced. With some other brands, we have seen an airconditioner that is only 7 years old and parts are no longer available.
Which is why it pays to spend a little more for a much better value package. Replacements can get quite expensive if you are only getting 6-8 years out of an airconditioner before requirement to replace due to no parts.

And its not just the air conditioner itself that needs to be thought about.

Who are you letting into your home ro completr the airconditioning work?
What is their perception of good quality workmanahip ?
What is the warranty on the work that is completed (is ir one year or 5)

Do you have to remove all the rubbish ?

Are they licenced?

What’s in it for you?

Why it pays to have energy efficient airconditioning in Darwin and Palmerston
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