Your split system air conditioner is, ultimately, a means to keep you and your family cool and comfortable.  But it’s also an investment and, like any other, should be carefully watched and properly used.

Here are several ways to make the most of your investment in greater and more reliable indoor comfort:air conditioning unit

  • We don’t want to turn you into a hermit, but if you want maximum comfort with the lowest possible energy expense, close all windows, doors and shades – especially where the sun is shining in – whilst running the AC.  That way, your AC unit won’t have to work as hard to get the job done.
  • If you turn your split system unit off at night, turn it back on first thing in the morning, even if the house is already cool.  That way your system won’t have to play catch up once things start to heat up outside.
  • Whilst heat tolerance varies from person to person, most split system manufacturers suggest keeping your system set at 24 º or 25º for a nice balance between comfort and reduced utility costs.
  • Does every room in your home need to be cooled at the same time, all day long?  Probably not.  So, to save yourself even more money, shut the doors to rooms not currently in use.  If it’s a bedroom and the occupant returns later in the day, once the door is re-opened it will cool off rather quickly.
  • Once temperatures and humidity levels reach their seasonal highs, your split system air conditioner will rarely get a break, if at all.  So if you’re out looking for a new system, spending a little more on a higher efficiency system will pay for itself in energy savings alone and give you far greater peace of mind.

At Dunwrights Electrical, we provide and install high quality split system air conditioners and can help you pick just the right one for your home and budget.  Plus, with our annual cleaning and maintenance service, we can help keep it in top working order, year after year.

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