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There are mainly just three ways you have come across this particular blog:mitsubishi air conditioning package

  1. You found it via Google or some other search engine
  2. You linked to it from the Dunwrights Electrical web site
  3. Or, you were advised to check it out based on the recommendation of a family member or one of your mates

What do all three have in common?  Right now, chances are, you’re more interested in learning WHY you should have your air conditioning system cleaned than actually scheduling service.

So we won’t let you down.  We will, instead, make a very strong case for periodic split system air cleaning:  one that will leave no doubt in your mind that it not only should but must be done.  Unless, of course, you’re keen on inviting all sorts of trouble into your home, which we’re confident you are not.

Periodic cleaning, as stated at the top of this blog, is vital to your system’s performance and your family’s well-being.  Here are the main reasons why:

  • A dirty AC system is prone to added wear and tear, plus more and more frequent repairs.
  • The longer your system is neglected, the higher your energy costs.
  • Systems that aren’t faithfully and professionally maintained won’t last as long as they otherwise might.
  • Plus, the kind of dirt, bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants that build up in your system are blown into your home every time the fan is running.  And that can lead to all sorts of respiratory problems.

Will just any Darwin split air system cleaning do?

Absolutely not.  To perform at its best, your system needs to be cleaned and maintained by an air conditioning professional.  And for that, you can count on the electrical and AC professionals at Dunwrights Electrical.

We clean both the indoor and outdoor units using professional grade cleaning products.  We’re trained and experienced in how to effectively clean and maintain all makes and models.  That way, you can be sure that once we’ve completed our work, your system is “good to go” for up to another year.

To schedule service, please contact us today.  And if you like what you’ve read, how about sharing with someone else who could use a little convincing of their own.

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