Done Wrong 1: Dunwrights Air & Electrical Darwin

Hello and welcome to episode 1 of Done Wrong, this one’s about what an electrical switchboard in your home should not look like.

The Done Wrong series will follow the journey of Darwin electrician, Jon Story, who’s bought a house in Darwin that possibly has the worst wiring he’s ever seen.

If this series was a Western, Jon would be the guy following the trail of some pretty shady cowboys!

As it turns out, the “shocking” work in this house will create more emotion than Neighbours and unlike the soapie, it will actually show you what to look for in the electrical wiring in your home, and show you the value of having electrical work Done Right!

Episode one: Done Wrong – The Electrical Switchboard in your home

Here’s the first installment of this nail biting series, well, nail biting if you know what good electrical work SHOULD look like!

There you have it. Jon’s still with us and is currently planning his next episode which is sure to be “enlightening”.

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