NT BizSecure Program and Small Business Re-secure grants after a break in with Dunwrights Air & Electrical Darwin Palmerston

If your business has been broken into, or someone’s tried to break in, the NT Business Re-secure Program will help pay for making your premises secure again and the BizSecure program will help you stay safe in the long term.

The aftermath of a break in is emotionally draining so hats off to the NT Government for making this process quite streamlined.

With Dunwrights Air & Electrical as one of the pre-approved contractors, you can talk to us directly to get work done whether your business is in Darwin, Palmerston, or surrounding areas.

There are two ways of approaching this important grant and funding support from the NT Government.

Re-secure your premises immediately

Directly after a break in or attempted break in, you can get on the phone to Dunwrights Air & Electrical and get us to repair or replace items that have been broken or compromised.

This might be wiring for security, cameras, security shutters, doors, gates, you name it because our Commercial Electrical services in Darwin and Palmerston are comprehensive.

The key purpose of this initial $750 grant from NT Victims Of Crime is all about taking fast, restorative action.

You qualify for this grant if your small business has less than 100 employees and the break-in happened after July 1, 2018.

The process is as simple as re-securing your premises, paying for your work, and then presenting your receipts to Victims Of Crime NT for a refund of up to $750.

You can call Victims of Crime NT on 1800 672 242, visit the Victims Of Crime Facebook Page, or the Victims Of Crime website.

BizSecure helps you make permanent security improvements to protect your business

There’s also a way to harden up the security of your business in Darwin and Palmerston, by accessing the BizSecure program.

To access this support, you need to complete the different online application forms, one for an individual business or a different one for a cluster of businesses.

The next step is to get a security audit by a registered audit contractor and the cost of this is covered by the program. This is up to $2,000 for your individual businesses or up to $7,000 if you’re applying on behalf of a cluster of businesses.

You need that security audit because only once you have that will you be able to officially get quotes from registered security suppliers like our team at Dunwrights Air & Electrical.

Of course, we’re happy to chat to you earlier in the process to lend our wisdom but we can’t take action until you’ve had your audit.

A voucher for security improvement works

After that, if you’re happy with our quote, you then apply for a voucher to carry out security improvement works.

It’s worth the effort because this unlocks up to $18,000 worth of contribution to eligible works. The program covers the first $8,000 and after that you get your costs matched dollar-for-dollar up to the limit.

For cluster business applicants, you’re eligible for dollar-for-dollar funding up to $43,000.

You then hand over the voucher as payment or part-payment, when the job is done.

For the peace of mind and possible benefits regarding your insurance costs, it really is worth talking to us today about the BizSecure program.

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