New kitchens need a bit of thinking before you contemplate going ahead with any work. Chances are your old kitchen didn’t have enough power points, or maybe lighting wasn’t so good. Or every time the toaster and kettle are on together the circuit breaker trips. Sound familiar? It’s a typical situation here in the territory.  But you learn to adapt to it.

Unfortunately, many times we’ve talked to clients going through the process but just changing out old for new and not thinking about expansion for the future. You get a bigger kitchen, more bench top equipment, more storage (and believe me it doesn’t take long after putting in a new kitchen that you wish you had a bigger one!) more appliances….the list goes on. You don’t want 4 way adapters sitting on the benchtops or double adaptors everywhere.

When you put together a new kitchen, consider your work spaces – where you prepare your food, and be sure to have either some good quality LED downlights or fluorescents, lighting up that area. Food preparation is 70% of the time spent in your kitchen.

The same goes with the sink and washing up, nothing worse than having to wash the dishes in the dark. Even if you have overhead cabinets you can get some great LED strip lighting that is virtually invisible, lighting up underneath so your bench tops are awash with light. This is what you want.

Why spend all that money on a new kitchen and not be able to enjoy it completely. Wouldn’t you want to show it off to its full potential? Don’t just get those new cabinets and bench tops, get the full package. Think ahead. Make sure the most trafficable area in your house is outstanding!

By Jon Story

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