When you need an electrician to come and look at your new installation or repair existing works, you have to make sure the tradesman at your door is going to do the right thing by you and your family and going to finish your job to a high quality standard of work with all the safety aspects included. Some things worth looking at before the work begins are:

–          Start with the first impression: Neat and tidy appearance of both the tradesman, and the work vehicle. Both reflect onto the company. When personal presentation or company presentation are lacking in any way, you have to wonder if you’ve called the right people, especially as appearance and reliability work together to form the company. As does punctuality.

–          Does your electrical contractor have a website that is informative, easy to access and well presented? Are they coming across as a professional company?

–          When getting a quote done on your new installation: If the electrician takes the time to suggest to you other things to think about your installation rather than just doing as you ask this can be a bonus. For there are frequently unforseen parts to a job that might pay to be done either a different way or with different products. Sometimes a customer may not get the point across about what they want to achieve, and the end result can be disastrous if your electrician doesn’t appreciate what you want to achieve.

–          Still on quotes: The cheapest quote in town doesn’t necessarily mean the best contractor to engage to do your work. Nor does the most expensive. I’d look for the company that shows the most interest in getting the job done right, with your envisioned end result in mind.

–          Word of mouth….you can’t beat it. Need I say more? That works both ways. We all remember the negative bits and pieces when we’ve had a tradesman working at our house. But if we find someone that does a good job through word of mouth they are generally highly regarded.

–          Certificates of Compliance: Rules and regulations dealing with electricity change every year. It’s up to your electrician to keep up to date with industry requirements. When you have new circuits installed, circuit protection, switchboards make sure your electrician gives you all the relevant documentation to show that everything has been completed to Australian Standards.

–          Insurance and Warranty: does your electrical company give a quality assurance? Do you get 12 months parts/labour warranty? Public liability insurance to cover any damages if they should occur? If not, then maybe that ridiculously cheap quote might not be an idea after all.

In the end. When you hire and electrician, make sure you are comfortable with them. Question them about the ins and outs of your job. If everyone is on the same page, and you’ve got your requirements across, things will be done right the first time.

By Jon Story

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