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Time for a Switchboard Upgrade?

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If you’ve been living in your home even for just five years, it’s more than likely that the demands on your electrical system are becoming greater and greater all the time.

The question is:  when is your electrical system no longer up to the challenge of delivering an ample and safe supply of electricity?

Here are some of the key indicators telling you it might be time to upgrade your switchboard: dunwrights switches on a switchboard

  • First and foremost, you’re concerned about your family’s safety and are looking for one more way to provide it.
  • There’s no room on your existing fuse board for even one more power point.
  • You want to replace your home air conditioning system with a high efficiency model, create an office inside your home, enhance your home entertainment system, and so on.  All the things your old fuse board wasn’t built for.
  • Your lights are flickering for no apparent reason.
  • Or, you have an old fuse board with re-wireable ceramic fuses.  These represent a fire and safety hazard, especially when you attempt a repair using the wrong rated wire.
  • You want to install solar panels and your current system isn’t up to the challenge.

With a new switchboard installed by Dunwrights, you can enjoy all the power you need along with:

  • Added safety
  • Reduced risk of fire
  • No more need to replace fuses
  • Fast power restoration

No doubt your fuse board has served you well, but it was built for conditions and electrical power needs that have far surpassed fuse board capabilities.

By Jon Story

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