darwin electricians complete pre purchase electrical inspections for conveyancers
Pay peanuts and get monkeys

When you are buying a house in the Territory, or even doing the conveyancing, you’re here for a reason.

And for most of us, that means the lifestyle, climate, work opportunities or just the friendly atmosphere….

But when our laid back culture is adopted by electricians, installers and other trades, it can become an extremely poisonous cocktail.

Who takes responsibility for transient workers?

As a conveyancer, property investor, estate agent or even a potential buyer, it is vital to be aware that our transient population includes tradesmen from all over Australia and the world in cases.

That needs repeating: The Northern Territory attracts tradies from all over the world, from a mix of different backgrounds and often with plans to leave after a short stay.

So it stands to reason, that the standard of wiring in your home may be set on a benchmark much lower than normal Australian standards.

So while we can boast about great national parks, fantastic job prospects, lots to do and see, we also need to be aware that the electrical work you or your clients are relying upon may be dangerous substandard due to a myriad reasons such as:

  • Who wired it and how?
  • Where they were from?
  • Are they here for the long term?
  • Whether it was before of after lunch on a Monday?

Why our Conveyancers’ Electrical Inspection can save lives and reputations?

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We’ve seen the ‘after lunch’ electrical installations before and how this can impact on the safety and security of your friends and loved ones and even your pets.

Take a look at these sickening snapshots of cowboys at work, putting themselves and their clients at risk.

In Darwin, we have encountered everything from lighting installations that aren’t earthed, to incorrectly installed safety switches.

A conveyancers’ electrical inspection for real estate transactions is a real investment for you and your family because it can save you and your family from injury and the costs incurred of bringing a home up to standard when other work is done on the property, which can run into the thousands of dollars.

For peace of mind and the comfort knowing the property you are looking at is safe, up to standards and secure, invest in an inspection report before you purchase your new family home.

With Dunwrights, you know you’ll be getting qualified, licensed service tech’s out to test from A-Z with our 18 point safety inspection.

We’ll even provide you with test results, as well as photos of any issues found from air-conditioners to oven, hot water system to pool pump and everything in between.


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