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Hot Water System Repairs and Maintenance? Dunwrights’ Here for You! 

 You know we all often take for granted our hot water system, I know I did until it failed this dry seasonIt’s not something we think about much until it stops working. Whether we’re using solar water heating system – which basically heats the water day in and day out – or run of the mill standard electric HWS, most of us just leave it as it until the hot water thermostat (temperature control) becomes difficult to handle. 

Well, that’s where we at Dunwrights Air & Electrical can be of service wherever you are in Darwin, Palmerston, and Surrounds. In case your hot water element fails to heat  or your thermostat leaves you chilly – we’ve got you covered. 

Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Repairs and Maintenance? 

Common signs that your hot water system may need repairs and maintenance would be: 

  • No Hot Water – Possible cause –  by the hot water element and thereby needs repairing by a licensed electrician 
  • No Hot Water – Thermostat could have shorted; therefore, needs repairing by a licensed electrician. 
  • No Hot Water – Inability to turn on due to Power ‘tripping’ when in use – definitely needs a licensed electrician. 

For any of the above call Dunwrights Air & Electrical to inspect your hot water heater to know what needs to be repaired. 

Why Call Dunwrights Air & Electrical for Your Hot Water System Repairs and Maintenance? 

We at Dunwrights Air & Electrical are skilled in checking the thermostat and heating settings to ensure that your hot water heat system works to its full capacity in an efficient manner – and not overload your electricity bill by overheating if it’s unnecessary.  We can inform you of the benefits of installing timers to raise your energy savings and lower costs for your installation if required. 

Remember – for any Hot Water repairs needed on your system, you’ll need to call a licensed electrician. Although this can be done by licensed plumbers, relevant licenses to do these kinds of repairs are not standard so be sure your tradesman has the correct licence and insurance. 

Weighing up your options either to get your hot water system repaired or replaced due to its fault, repair costs and age helps with avoiding any other serious problems that may arise in the future. Since we’re on the topic, it’s also good that you consider assessing the energy efficiency and life expectancy of your hot water system unit. For professional help, we will be happy to refer a Dunwrights recommended Plumber if required. 

Types of Hot Water System that You Probably Should Know 

Okay, here’s the thing: when it comes to your hot water system, efficiency should not only be your primary concern. You should also consider your energy savings and cost benefit analysis. This is because (depending on the type) an instantaneous hot water heater (continuously flowing) may be required or a heat pump water heater may necessary. 

In case you’re not familiar with these, here are the different types of hot water systems: 

Tankless Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water 

Because of energy savings, tankless continuous flow gas hot water has become more popular these days. This hot water system is primarily created when the pressure sensor engages the gas burners and in turn, heat up the water pipe – which is also set around a heat exchanger. In the process, cold water comes in from the bottom and hot water would pipe in a continuous flow from the top (heat rises). 

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Heaters 

Often installed in the localized areas of the house, instantaneous electric hot water heaters are often small and compact. Despite its size, this kind of heater is not energy efficient and quite expensive – especially if there are a number of them in one premise. Gas instantaneous  are a better option. 

For this reason, instantaneous electric hot water heaters are rarely utilized in households. As your professional partners in this field, we at Dunswrights Air & Electrical actually don’t recommend this type of hot water system for energy efficiency reasons. 

Electric Heat Pump Water Heater 

In terms of efficiency, electric heat pump water heaters are very efficient in comparison to storage water heaters. Heat pumps are known to work better in a warmer climate. This kind of system works in a similar fashion to a reverse cycle air-conditioner or a refrigerator cooling system – but without the programmable thermostat. 

With an electric heat pump water heater, the refrigerant is pushed as a liquid into an evaporator coil. It then soaks up the heat from the air, turning the refrigerant into gas. This then runs through a compressor which increases the temperature. From the compressor, the heater gas moves into the condenser coil where the heat is transferred to the water – turning back into a liquid with the operation of an expansion valve that in turn heats the hot water cylinder. 

Solar Hot Water System 

Whether it’s evacuated tube solar hot water or flat plate systems, a solar hot water system is such a fantastic way to save money and help the environment! As most people know, evacuated tube collectors – which are made of pipes that are linked to a header manifold – work well in a colder climate or a overcast day because of its efficiency levels while the flat plate system works better in full sun areas of Australia. 

Electric Storage Hot Water 

If you want a cheaper alternative, you can always go with electric storage hot water. This has a 10-year life expectancy (minimum) and is easy to repair. Although not very energy efficient, this is best to use a hot water timer or simply switch it off when not in use to save some runnin costs. 

Electric storage hot water heaters also take around 15 minutes to heat up and then draw a whopping 16amps when in use. To prove this, you can do some homework and turn on the oven and the hot water system (with the hot tap running) at the same time and watch your electrical meter spin off its axis into the stratosphere. 

Gas Storage Hot Water System 

Well, the gas storage hot water heater is an efficient choice of storage hot water system. Using a pilot light to ignite gas boosters, when the temperature control requires heat, can almost put the room’s thermostat controlled by convection! 

Like all storage types, the hot water pumps in from the bottom, and the hot water is piped out from the top. A gas fitter would be required in case there would be hot water system repair or maintenance needed for this unit. Nonetheless, a gas storage hot water system can last for around 10 years and is totally a good option – though generally more popular in the Southern States. 

Have any questions about hot water system repairs and maintenance? Now is the time to communicate with us! We would be happy to be of service and help you stay steamy. 

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