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Data Cabling Services for Your Darwin Business or Home

If you’ve built a business one person and technology system at a time, the good news is that you’re growing.

But growth is usually accompanied by challenges, such as adding one new and expensive wiring system at a time.  Without data cabling, you face expensive downtime. In fact, two thirds of all network downtime in Australia can be attributed to cabling-related problems. Poor cabling also affects network performance even while systems are up and running.  A data error as small as 1% can negatively impact throughput by up to 40%.

At Dunwrights Electrical, we can design a single communications system that combines and fully integrates your various data, voice, security, building management, and other functions one neatly packaged and expandable system, including:

  • Voice & Data
  • Video Systemsdata cabling solution from Dunwrights
  • Building Management Systems
  • Access Control
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • PLC Control

If you’re planning to relocate, call us first so we can make sure your office is properly wired and that all network functions are set to go as soon as you are.

To help keep your business up and running at all times, even from your home office, contact Dunwrights Mechanical today for an on-site consultation.

By Jon Story

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