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Do you need an airconditioner vermin preventative? Suffered from vermin in electronics or had a frog in airconditoners? Had to experience airconditioner failure due to ants? Is there a way to stop lizards from getting in airconditoner?


The Build Up is the worst time to risk anything going wrong with your airconditioning. Vermin in electronics is generally not covered by insurance either, which is why we’re seeking 10 people with Split System Airconditioners to grab our Darwin air-conditioner service with benefits. This isn’t pest control, this is an attempt to save your circuit board and your wallet because as we all know airconditioner warranty does not include vermin damage.

On the note of warranty and vermin damage as far as we are aware no brand of airconditoner will warranty vermin damage to your airconditioner. In fact insurance companies frequently will not pay out on vermin damage either. So check your warranty information when the unit is installed and also check your insurance policy.

We all know when airconditioner systems short circuit they are usually offline for at a least a week. If you have an air conditioner unit that has been F****ed before, (and by this we mean frogged) WE WANT YOU!

Frogs and even geckos can sometimes get into outdoor air conditioner units and while they’re there, they can short out and destroy control units, this is on top of the fire ants, crazy ants, ginger ants and general ant infestation issues that occur up here on a regular basis.

This happens a lot in the Top End but we have a new product to trial that we believe will deter these critters for your peace of mind and we’re looking for volunteers to help us with an in-field testing experiment.

The frog in the machine:

What you see here in the below slideshow, is the end result of nature meeting technology.

The inquisitive frog not only fried the main control board but also the sub control board which caused a short in the EEV control circuit as it jumped about inside the air conditioner having a nervous breakdown. Spare parts for this unit were A LOT.

airconditioner repair and installation

The end result was about $900 in parts, plus labour. In the build up, a week or so without an aircon can be unacceptable. This can be deemed epic damage. Ants are a big problem as well for this. Even dead ants can cause problems. Jon Story our resident weather man believes the ant movement is to do with atmospheric pressure. The changes get the ants on the move and into your ac unit or electrical.

What is the Darwin air conditioner service with benefits?

Well, it’s a bit like tinder but better, because we hope this relationship will last longer!

When wildlife, especially frogs and geckos, invade outdoor air conditioner units, the damage is not just to your hip pocket. It effects your comfort and many other parts of your life. Not having air conditioning in the middle of the Build Up for up to a week or two can be sheer hell (depending on your brand of air conditioner and how long they take to get parts to Darwin – there was a certain brand that took 7 weeks to get the parts from Adelaide to Darwin…but I digress.)

Then there’s the angst and the lack of sleep, tossing and turning while the ceiling fan does the best that it can. Usually this is doubly frustrating as the ceiling fan in typical fashion works on setting 2 or setting 3 but setting one is required.

One client told us, there’s only one thing worse than watching Home And Away, and that’s watching Home And Away with sweat dripping off your forehead. These….. these are the days of our lives …

But you can help us stop this harm to wildlife and damage to air conditioning by enrolling into our field trials of a new product that has been developed to deter some vermin from entering your HVAC system outdoor unit.

We have been given anecdotal evidence that this new product works, but we are wanting to put this tech to the test by asking 10 clients to join us.

To qualify, you must have:

  1. An outdoor Split System air conditioning unit (indoor ones should be completely sealed from the outside already and if yours isn’t you need to talk to a professional installer like Dunwrights ASAP to get that fixed)
  2. Suffered damage due to frogs or lizards previously, with a history of frog and gecko issues (we want to make sure this new product is tested in the harshest conditions)
  3.  happy to get a service done over a 2 year period to see how the trial is progressing.

Are you ready to join our secret trial?

This trial is a secret trial, so we want to make sure it is tested rigorously.

We cannot stress enough that participating units need to be outdoor units.

It is also important to note this deterrent product contains NO POISON OR BAIT. It is purely an approach to keep frogs and geckos away so that nobody, no animals and no technology get harmed.

If you qualify for the points mentioned above, all we ask is that you contact us to get us to service your air conditioner so that we can begin the trial of your airconditioner vermin preventative from a trusted base. Whilst we are on site we will also install some of our deterrent product into your unit for free.

We will then monitor the success or otherwise over the following Wet Season.

As I have mentioned, this is now the testing phase. Will it stop lizards or house geckos from getting in airconditioner ?  I can’t guarantee it. This product will not prevent air conditioning systems that suffer failure due to ants. For information in possible ant management around your airconditioner read this article.

There is no risk to your  HVAC unit by having our product fitted and please note that it is not an ultrasonic pest repeller nor a pest control poison.

For peace of mind, remember that we stand behind all our work and we will see this through with you. Contact us today if this sounds like something you need.

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