The Dunwrights Air & Electrical COLD LINE is the air conditioning service in Darwin you can trust, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s why:

Firstly, we don’t just clean your Air Conditioner, we disinfect it! And we do this with hospital grade Anti Bacterial, Anti Mould  solution imported from the USA to suit our climate and conditions. And we’ve done that long before COVID-19.

Secondly, month by month, year by year, dust and mould builds up in your unit and, yes, that’s what you end up breathing in. This is not a good situation, especially amid COVID-19 because we’re being told to do all we can to stay healthy so our body can cope, should we get infected. And, of course, while breathing in dust and mould is bad for you, leaving Air Conditioners un- or under-serviced in Darwin is a risky choice because you know when they’ll break down, don’t you?

Here is the range of Dunwrights Air & Electrical Air Conditioner Health Checks for Darwin conditions.

Be cool and stay cool with Dunwrights

Premium Bronze
Remove from wall
Clean thoroughly
Disinfect, degrease, deodourise
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Premium Silver
Most Popular
Everything in Bronze plus:
Check voltage and refrigerant
Conduct Dunwrights’ System Performance Check
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Premium Gold
Everything in Silver plus:
Check coil condition, contactor, capacitor and compressor
Email comprehensive AC Health report with photos and recommendations, as used by landlords
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What to ask before booking an Air Conditioner Service

Lots of people can and will offer to clean your AC system, and some for under $100. Be very afraid!

Because we are professionals who take our work seriously, we’d like to suggest these questions as the most important things to ask before trusting anybody with electrical work, let alone a vital Air Conditioner service:

  • What exactly does your cleaning service consist of?
  • What kind of cleaning products do you use?
  • What can I expect as a result of your efforts?
  • Are you a licensed AC contractor?
  • Are you a licensed electrician?
  • Are you fully insured?

In and around Darwin and Palmerston, there’s only one company that gives you satisfactory answers to all six questions, and that company is Dunwrights Air & Electrical.


For starters, we are licensed electricians and AC contractors, and that goes for every member of our service team, whether they are fully licenced or fully trained for each position. This means we have the experience and know how to troubleshoot, repair all makes and models, and install new AC systems, as well.

All of which means we provide everything you need — AC wise — for your family’s improved comfort, safety, convenience, and cleaner indoor air.

Make the smart choice to get your Air Conditioner Health Check done right, with Dunwrights Air & Electrical Darwin.

Home, Commercial, You Name It, We’ll Be There.

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