Northern Territory – Surge Diverters and Surge Protection

In Darwin and remote areas across the NT, power surges cause havoc for our way of life. Power surges can destroy in a blink those appliances that we love and use often. Everything from air conditioners, ovens with digital readouts or PC boards, TV’s and computers. All the things we take for granted, so surge protection is a must.

This year hasn’t been quite as bad as the previous few, due to the lack of decent storms that we normally get in Darwin. Though we still get regular calls from clients requiring diagnostics on machines that failed during a storm. Generally where the owner doesn’t have a surge protector installed to protect electrical systems.

The worst thing for you as the end user, if the item is repairable – sometimes you will be without for a fortnight or longer waiting on parts. If it’s a catastrophic failure – you’re fighting with your insurance company who always want more information and never want to pay. Frustrating to say the least.

It doesn’t have to be that way with a surge protector installed

With a whole house surge diverter you can now experience levels of protection those appliances and sensitive electronics never had and save yourself mega bucks and tears of frustration in the process. For a small outlay, your Darwin Electrician can install a whole house surge protector for you. Located in your switchboard where it protects your appliances from storm surge damage. Power surges can occur when lightning strikes interrupt your power line supply, and the damage can be catastrophic – Learn more about Lightning HERE.

Its not just lightning or power regulation by the power company either, faulty wiring can cause power surges, high powered electrical devices or motor driven  electronic equipment can all contribute

Installing a decent surge suppressor is a cost effective way to keep your comfort levels where they should be. A good quality surge diverter should come with a 5 year manufactures warranty to either replace or repair the item. You can’t go wrong with that! Its also a good idea to continue using power strips throughout the home to protect individual appliances.

Check out the video below from our out of work actor for more info.