Smart Energy Grant Darwin & NT- APPLY SOON for Your New Air Conditioner

NOTE: This scheme is not currently active. When that happens, this notice will be removed and the information will be updated. We would still love to work with you in achieving energy efficiency in your home or workplace, so please contact us to see how we might be able to help.

People of Darwin and Northern Territory This Smart Energy Grant Is For YOU!

The Northern Territory Government Smart Energy Grants can help you pay for your charity or foundation renovations and electrical work

Government is offering to help fund your job with its new Smart Energy Grants

It’s time to save money and the environment with the new Smart Energy Grant rollout !! The NT Government have graciously approved a new Energy Grant scheme to help stimulate the economy and save you a load of money in the process.

“So let’s discuss how an NT Smart Energy Grant can help you?”

Eligible territorian home owners will now be able to access energy-efficient products and services for their homes through a new $4 million NT Smart Energy Grant program. Meaning that new air con or hot water system is so much easier and cheaper to upgrade now. The best thing ? The NT government is going dollar for dollar up to $1000 . As a result, you can afford to get a good quality unit with a great warranty – now that’s peace of mind.

Also – For approved pensioners and eligible members of the Northern Territory Carer Concession Scheme, the co-contribution required will be 25% (instead of 50%) which means the NT Smart Energy Grant makes it affordable for all people.

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All works undertaken with the NT Smart Energy Grant must be either a new renewable energy source (solar power). Also the replacement of a non energy-efficient fixed appliance (air-conditioner, hot water system or pool pump for example) fixture with an energy-efficient one. You can even use it for an electricity management device which includes power meters

Further to the above the terms state that all Smart Energy Grant works are STRICTLY limited to the following –

  • Replacement air conditioning system.  Existing systems must be at least six years old. If unsure call the manufacturer and get confirmation with the model number and serial number. This can be found on the side or bottom of the indoor unit. Or ask your  dunwrights tech. For more info see the bottom of this page. The new air conditioning systems must meet the minimum energy efficiency star ratings:
    Cooling output Energy efficiency star rating
    Up to 3kW At least 5 stars 
    3.1kW to 5kW At least 3.5 stars
    5.1kW to 7kW At least 3 stars
    7.1kW to 8kW At least 2.5 stars
    Above 8kW At leave 2 stars
  • New – hot water system installation which we can arrange for you.
  • Replacement –  electric hot water system with solar or electric heat-pump systems (existing systems must be at least six years old as per the year of manufacture and as verified by the eligible business).
  • Modified or replacement of non efficient lighting with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting – Get rid of the wall lights and put some new LED downlights in ? Brighten up your home and save power everytime you switch  them on!
  • replacement of an existing pool pump with a new variable speed, at least 7-star energy efficiency rated pool pump (existing pool pumps must be at least four years old as per the year of manufacture and as verified by the eligible business)
  • new smart meters / energy monitoring system installations.

Applying for an NT Smart Energy Grant

As of right now you can source one or more quotes from a Territory business and select the quote which represents best value for money for you.

You are then able to apply for an NT Smart Energy Grant from Tuesday 2 January 2018 onwards by completing the online application form. The form will be available on this site, or by collecting a hard-copy application form which will be available from Territory Business Centres . Call calling 1800 193 111.

When your NT Smart Energy Grant application is approved you will be issued a voucher. From there you can notify your nominated business that works can start. Once the works have been completed, you must pay the business using the voucher as part payment as well as your own funds. The Smart Energy business then redeems the voucher from the NT Government.

Terms and conditions

Get a copy of the Grant terms and conditions right here

See Dunwrights terms and Conditions right here

Homeowner eligibility

Residential property owners who live in the NT are eligible to apply for this grant. No other entities or persons are eligible.

What is the age of your air conditioner?

To find out how old your airconditioner is, write down the model and serial number found on the side/bottom of the indoor unit on the sticker or the right hand side/front of the outdoor unit.

Call the manufacturer below and give them your details.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Australia – Just contact Dunwrights directly on 89453216 or send an email in the link to the right

Kelvinator Australia Or call 1300 363 640

Daikin Australia Or call 1300 368 300

Mitsubishi Australia Or call 1300 190 923

Panasonic (imported by Industrial Air) Or call (08) 8354 0088

Applications for the Smart Energy grant will be available from 2/1/2018.