Getting home and dry in Darwin and Palmerston, should never be left to luck. Heavy rains, especially in the Wet, can drench you in seconds. But you know that. So do we. But what you might not know is that we're the trusted experts for installing automatic gate motors on your sliding gate or swinging gates.

Home and dry with Dunwrights Air and Electrical, Darwin and Palmerston, with Automatic Gate Motors

Just think back to 7.45AM on a Tuesday and you’re late for work in the middle of the Wet. You can see your automatic sliding gates in front of you, through the rain bouncing off the windscreen of the car.

As a deluge of water falls from above, you press that remote control gate opener, and nothing happens.

There can be many reasons for this but the most common ones including undersized motors, motors that don’t suit Top End weather conditions, lack of maintenance, and, lack of warranty.

That’s why the smart money is on choosing the locals with experience and expertise – that’s us: Dunwrights Air & Electrical. Call us now on 8945 3216 or use our Priority Booking Form to arrange a call.

Inspector, we have a floater!

This TV commercial featuring Inspector Millner and Forensic Expert “Ducky”, has the intrepid duo discovering a very common problem: an automatic gate motor that’s been flooded.

Yes, it’s a tragic tale that’s all too common throughout Darwin and Palmerston, and yet it can be avoided by professional installation in the first place.

Play the video and watch this sharp minds at work.

No Northern Territory Police uniforms or equipment were used in this production.

Things to consider

Automatic sliding gate electric, installed by Dunwrights Air & Electrical Darwin

Electric Gate Motors

Different brands have different features, pros and cons. We stick with a couple of brands that we know well and that have respectable warranty. We're here to help you with our advice and guidance.

Solar - Powered Gate Motors

Some companies supply undersized batteries and solar panels for solar powered operators which is why we upsize everything to cover you in a monsoon. Nobody likes getting caught in the rain!

Automatic gate motor service and tune up in Darwin with Dunwrights Air & Electrical

Automatic Gate Motor Service

When you choose us for your gate opener system, your motor will come with double the warranty of our competition, two years instead of one. And, in most locations, a free tune up in 12 months.

Don't shower fully clothed getting in and out of your property, let Dunwrights Air & Electrical supply and install an automatic gate motor and get home and dry, every day!

There are many ways we can help you through our quality work on your gate motors, by:

  • Custom fitting automatic sliding gates to suit the gates you’ve chosen to fit your entry or exit space, whether that means a 4m rail or an 8m rail. Because we’re local and experienced, we know what electric motors to choose to suit the size and weight of your gate. Motor size and type also is dependant on the number of opening cycles required and the amount of use.
  • Choosing time and field tested components that are heavy duty and of sound construction because we know what weather conditions your gates will face in the Northern Territory.
  • Protecting you against power blackouts by supplying solar powered and battery backup models to make sure your gate stays operational when the power’s down.
  • Choosing options with keypads and beam detectors as well as auto close for extra safety features and security.

If you’re ready to get home and dry, every time, click through to our online booking page to register your interest and set up a chat to see how we might help.

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