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If your air conditioning needs attention, maybe a service or a full repair, call Dunwrights Electrician Darwin.

If you’re a resident of Darwin, Palmerston or the rural surrounds you’ll be feeling the heat of our extended Summer with a wet season to boot,  so Dunwrights have extended our air conditioning service and repairs to help you get the most out of your air conditioning investment. Darwin air conditioning repairs and installation

We understand how frustrating it is when the heat is up, humidity is through the roof and the air conditioning is down so it’s good to maintain your air conditioning system throughout the year to ensure you get the warmth in the dry and the cool in the wet, ready for when you need it most. Air Conditioning Cleaning can be undertaken during the more temperate months of the year to ensure the system is not carrying any health risks to you and your family.

Dunwrights service, maintain and repair all types of air conditioning systems; all brands and sizes for home, office or workplace. We service Domestic and Commercial brands including: aircon service and repair

We recommend an annual air conditioning service of all your units. Removing any mould, dust buildup etc will allow the indoor fan to spin faster thereby pushing more air into the room. The indoor unit condenser coils will then run more efficiently and lower the loading on the unit. The outdoor units are pulled apart also and an in-depth service is undertaken. It’s normal for your air conditioning system to require regular cleaning and servicing when in constant use. This is mainly due to our seasonal changes in Darwin and the top end of the Nothern Territory.

Darwin Air Conditioning Services

Included in our air conditioner service we complete the following tasks which is then compiled with the results and photo’s into a test sheet that we forward on to owners.

Indoor Air Conditioning Service

  • Photo of indoor unit prior to service (if required for a Landlord)
  • State the location of the unit.
  • Temperature the unit is producing.
  • Disassemble indoor unit.
  • Check and clean indoor air filter with antibacterial and anti odour treatment.
  • Inspect and clean indoor evaporator coil with antibacterial, coil cleaner and odour treatment.
  • Check and clean condensate drain pan and flush drains.
  • Inspect evaporator metering device and test if temperature levels are not consistent.
  • Take photo of indoor unit after services (to show the end result – if required for Landlord)

Outdoor Air Conditioning Service

  • Disassemble outdoor unit.
  • Check and clean condensor coil with coil treatment.
  • Coil condition out of 10.
  • Check contactor for proper operation.
  • Check capacitor and whether it is borderline going to fail or in good condition.
  • Current draw of compressor (to show if the compressor is wearing out)
  • Line Voltage.
  • Verify correct refrigerant charge.
  • Is it financially feasible to spend more money on this unit if it requires repairs in future?

The refrigerant pressures are tested during this service as the capacitors can be more costly to replace in a month or 6 months compared to being replaced on the spot. Dunwrights electricians carry these spares as part of our regular repairs kit which then saves you money and time.

Be cautious of companies claiming to ‘clean’ air conditioning units. Many are not licenced refrigeration or qualified electrician technicians, so are unable to complete work if repairs are what is rightly needed. Many will not attend to the outdoor unit at all.

Dunwrights will assess your entire Air Conditioning system and discuss these repairs fully with you as the home owner prior to undertaking any repairs. We Guarantee you’ll be 100% Satisfied. No matter whether it a high end or low end air conditioner we’ll keep you cool with our experienced team of electricians and refrigeration service techs. We also offer great Air Conditioning Packages for new systems, see our details HERE.

Darwin Air Conditioning Installation

Dunwrights also offer installation services for new systems in residential or commercial settings:

  • Fully Ducted Air Conditioning
  • Split System Air Conditioner for single rooms
  • Multi Split Systems for maximum flexibility
  • Commercial air-conditioning maintenance and repair.

We care about your safety and know you’ll be 100% satisfied by our technical workmanship and customer service. Our service technicians are all selected and employed by Dunwrights. They have individual qualifications in electrical and refrigeration and repair and have undergone all required police checks, Ochre Card clearances etc. With a solid knowledge base and years of electrical experience, we’re proud of our team.

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